Whataburger Hours (Opening & Closing Time)

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But our readers have been asking questions like does Whataburger operate all day? What time does Whataburger open? What time does whataburger close? If you are among the people that ask these questions, chill and relax as we are going to be rolling out answers to this question in a short while, stay tuned!

Whataburger is a renowned American fast food chain which was established in 1950 by Harmon Dobson and Parul Burton. This means that for the past seven decades, Whataburger has being in operation, doing what it knows best to do.

Though Whataburger is headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, the restaurant has many outlets across different regions, currently, it has more than 670 outlets in Texas and about 150 restaurants in New Mexico, Arizona, and the other branches in the other states of Southern United States.

Services Offered By Whataburger 


Whataburger fast-food is popularly known for selling burgers. The name “WHATABURGER” was given to the restaurant by it’s founders because they designed the restaurant such that it produces a tasty and delicious burger which would serve as a pace for other burger dealers.

Whataburger is widely known for their yummy burgers which is their own primary products like: the Whataburger Jr, the Whatcha etc.  Apart from that, they also include some other yummy fast food items like breakfast Platter meal, biscuit sandwich, pancake Platter etc. 

Whataburger Hours


Whataburger is among the few restaurants in the United States that operates for 24-hour a day. In their quest to ensure that their customers only get the best, they are open for services all day both day and night.

Whataburger Hours

Unlike their contemporaries across the United States whose their operational hours are time-framed and location dependent, Whataburger is different since it open for service all day on both weekdays and weekends. In fact, Whataburger is open for services 24/7.

Without much ado, the table below summarizes the Whataburger hours

S/N Day  Operational Hours
1. Monday All Day
2. Tuesday All Day
3. Wednesday All Day
4. Thursday All Day
5. Friday All Day
6. Saturday All Day
7. Sunday All Day

From the table above, we can see that Whataburger follows the same operational pattern for both normal working days and weekends. Literally speaking, Whataburger is open for services all year round both day and night.

Does Whataburger Operate All Day


Yes, Whataburger run 24-hour services non-stop. In fact, they are open for services 24/7.

What Time Does Whataburger Open


Whataburger operate all day, hence they are open for services all day non-stop.

What Time Does Whataburger Close


Whataburger don’t close they run 24-hour services both on weekdays and weekends. In fact, they are open for services all year round.

Whataburger Holiday Hours


Holidays are ample opportunity to spend quality time with friends and family. But to make it memorable, you would definitely need an outstanding restaurant like Whataburger to always order your favorite delicacies. 

Interestingly, you may not really have bother if Whataburger would be closed on holidays or not, because most holidays don’t affect the Whataburger’s operation. In fact, they are open for services on most of the holidays except on Christmas Day. The table below summarizes Whataburger holiday hours

S/N Holidays Date Operational Hours
1. New Year’s Day Jan. 1 Reduced Hours (Varies regionally)
2. Martin Luther King Jr. Day Jan. 17 Regular Hours
3. Valentine’s Day Feb. 14 Regular Hours
4. Presidents Day  Feb. 21 Regular Hours
5. St. Patrick’s Day March 17 Regular Hours
6. Good Friday April 15 Regular Hours
7. Easter Sunday April 17 Reduced Hours (varies regionally)
8. Easter Monday April 18 Regular Hours
9. Memorial Day May 30 Regular Hours
10. Juneteenth June 19(Observed June 20) Regular Hours
11. Independence Day July 4 Regular Hours
12. Labor Day Sept. 5 Regular Hours
13. Indigenous Peoples Day October 10 Regular Hours
14. Halloween October 31 Regular Hours
15. Veterans Day November 11 Regular Hours
16. Thanksgiving Day November 24 Reduced Hours (varies regionally)
17. New Year Eve December 31 Regular Hours
18. Christmas Eve December 24 Regular Hours
19. Christmas Day December 25 Closed

N/B; The holidays dates for Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday varies considerably annually because it is not fixed since it is been determined by the liturgical calendar.

Whataburger Saturday Hours?


On Saturday, Whataburger follows the same operational hours with its weekdays hours. They usually operate 24 hours non-stop on Saturday. 

Whataburger Sunday Hours


On Sunday, Whataburger hours are all day. This simply means that they doesn’t close for services on Sunday because they operate on 24 hours basis as it does or normal working days.

Whataburger Weekend Hours


On weekends, which is Saturday and Sunday, Whataburger open for services all day. It is among the few restaurants in the United States that operates on 24 hours basis both on weekdays and weekends.

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When Did Whataburger Go 24 Hours?


In 1982, Whataburger started operating on 24 hours basis daily, seven days a week.

Literally speaking, in the past four decades, Whataburger has been rendering excellent food services all year round both day and night just to ensure that their customers gets maximum satisfaction.

What Time Does Whataburger Stop Serving Breakfast Near Me?


In their relentless efforts to ensure that their customers only get the best, Whataburger offers breakfast for 12 hours, that is from 11:00 pm – 11:00 am. In fact, they are among the few restaurants in the United States that extend their breakfast hours beyond morning time.

Whataburger Near Me


As we noted earlier, that there are numerous Whataburger outlets scattered across region. If you are planning to check-in at Whataburger restaurants to have a bite of their meals, its gonna make sense to browse for the Whataburger restaurant near you. Not only that this will fasten your delivery should you order Whataburger meal online but it will also save you from the stress of going a far distance searching for their outlets.

Interestingly, the Whataburger official website has a location finder, which will help you to locate any of their branches nearest to you.

To find the Whataburger restaurant near you, just do this:

  • Login to the Whataburger official website at whataburger.com
  • Enter the name of your location in the search bar, you can either search by the name of the state, city or Zip code
  • Tap on search. If you follow the above steps correctly, it is going to bring out all the Whataburger restaurants nearest to you.

Better still, with the help of Google maps, you can also locate Whataburger restaurant closest to you, it is not a big task, just follow the few steps below and thank me later

  • Switch on your GPS 
  • Put the name of the restaurant in the destination tab
  • Once you put the name correctly, it will help you to know the whole map from the comfort of your room which would definitely help you to know their outlets nearest to you.



In this article on “Whataburger Hours”  we discussed exhaustively all you need to know about Whataburger operational hours but most importantly, we pointed out that Whataburger is among the few restaurants in the United States that operates 24 hours a day, seven a week.