Wawa Drink Menu & Prices 2022 ( New Update )

Are you searching for a serene environment where you can enjoy high quality aromatic beverages, search no more as Wawa Restaurant serves tasty aromatic drinks from their Wawa Drink Menu. Wawa Drink Menu is a list of intercontinental drinks that is specially designed to meet the dietary supplements of their esteemed customers.

Interestingly, their drinks is prepared with high quality natural ingredients which makes  it rank globally. Most importantly, their drinks have a high degree of excellence because it contain all the essential ingredients in the right proportion.

If you don’t know the varieties of drinks served at Wawa and their prices, this article is for you because I have penned down all the beverages served at Wawa with their prices. Stay tuned.

Wawa is a renowned American chain of convenience stores that is located around the East Coast of the United States. It was founded in1964 by Grahame Wood. Currently, it has about 900 branches across the United States with Its headquarters in Wawa, Pennsylvania, United States.

In 2008, Wawa was the biggest convenience store chain in Philadelphia, not only that, it was also the third-largest retailer of food in Philadelphia.

Services Offered By Wawa


Wawa  is a famous convenience store that not only provide convenient for their customers but also serves them with hearty and healthy food, beverages, coffee, fuel services etc.

Wawa Drink Menu With Prices


Wawa serves varieties of aromatic beverages that has high degree of excellence which is very good for human consumption.

Some of their beverages were prepared using medicinal plants of international repute. The table below shows Wawa Drink Menu With Prices.


Table: Wawa Drink Menu With Prices

1. Milkshake 12 $2.99
2. Milkshake 24 $3.99
3. Flurricane 12 $3.19
4. Flurricane    16 $4.09
5. Coffee 16 $1.45
6. Coffee 20 $1.55
7. Coffee 24 $1.65
8. Frozen Cappuccino 24 $3.99
9. Premium Frozen Cappuccino 24 $4.99
10. Iced Latte 12 $2.99
11. Iced Latte     24 $3.19
12. Hot Latte or Hot Chocolate 12 $2.69
13. Hot Latte or Hot Chocolate 16 $2.99
14. Premium Frozen Cappuccino 12 $3.99
15. Frozen Cappuccino 12 $2.99
16. Premium Smoothie 24 $4.99
17. Smoothie 24 $3.99
18. Premium Smoothie 12 $3.99
19. Smoothie 12 $2.99

What Is A Wawa Matcha Beverage?


Wawa Matcha is a special form of beverages that is served at Wawa Restaurant. It is yummy especially when it is served  on ice. It is really nutritional because it is made from Japanese green tea leaves is primarily serves as an antioxidant. It is aromatically garnished with flavors like Vanilla, Mint etc.

What’s In Wawa Iced Coffee?


Wawa iced coffee consist of coffee extract and sugar which is garnished with aromatic flavors and blended in distilled salt water. It also contain high quality Di-sodiumphosphate, sodium phosphate, and glycerides to meet your nutritional needs.

What Kind Of Iced Coffees Does Wawa Have?


Wawa has numerous iced coffee and interestingly, all their coffee are of high degree of excellence. Hence, all the coffee drinks at Wawa is ranked. Below are some of their iced coffee:

  • Fresh brewed iced coffee.
  • Cold brew.
  • Cold brew foam latte.
  • Latte.
  • Macchiato.
  • Sugar free iced coffees etc.

What Is In Wawa Holiday Blend Coffee?


The Wawa Holiday blend coffee is made up of the aromatic flavors of molasses, ginger, cinnamon, and clove. They usually refer to it as seasonal favorite coffee. It contain all the essential nutrients in the right proportion and it’s good for human consumption.

Wawa  Near  Me


Due to the widespread expansion of Wawa Restaurant across the United States, it is very easy to locate their branches nearest to you to avert the stress of going a far distance. Hence, you can easily search for Wawa Near Me. You can easily get Wawa Restaurant closest to you by visiting their official website since it has a location finder.

To Search For The Wawa Restaurant Near You, All You Need To Do Is:

  • Login to the Wawa official website at www.wawa.com 
  •  Locate the search bar
  •  Enter the name of the location. Meanwhile,  you can search by name of the city, state, or ZIP code.
  • Tap on search. If you follow the above steps correctly, it will surely pull out all the Wawa restaurants nearest to you.

How Do You Get Free Coffee At Wawa On Tuesdays?


To qualify for Wawa rewards, you must sign up for Wawa rewards on the Wawa mobile app or on wawarewards.com. And guess what? Once you have signed up, you stand a chance to have a free coffee on Tuesdays and other benefits from Wawa. What are you waiting for? Sign up today to benefit from their endless packages.



No doubt, you must have seen the Wawa drink menu and its prices. Also check other related articles on Wawa restaurant, which I’m very sure it will help you learn more about their services.