Tim Hortons Donuts Menu 2022 ( Tim Hortons Donuts )

Proper dieting is one of the panacea for a healthy living. Looking forward to having a taste of your favorite donuts at Tim Hortons but don’t know the best donut to go for. Well! This article is for you because we have succinctly pinpointed the best donuts at Tim’s. Chill and relax as we go through it together.

Tim Hortons Donuts Menu is a list of intercontinental donut delicacies that was prepared by professional dieticians who took into cognizant the nutritional needs of their esteemed customers. The menu has numerous donuts but in this write up, we shall be discussing the few best selected donuts from Tim Hortons that are worth going for.

Tim Hortons has been offering a donut menu since 1964. Which means that for the past six decades, they have been rendering excellent food services which is what they are best at.

Let me burst your bubbles, in 2021, according to Reader’s Digest Canada it reveals that Tim  Hortons sells about 1.5 million donuts daily, isn’t that amazing? That is to show how yummy their donuts are. Though, the donut flavors may vary slightly depending on the location, definitely you must find at least one of the flavors that suit your taste.

Tim Hortons Donuts Menu


There are different varieties of palatable donuts at Tim Hortons, but in this article, we are going to be looking at some of the best donuts at Tim Hortons with their calories attached.

Tim Hortons Donuts Menu

The table below summarizes Tim Hortons donuts menu.

Serving Size – One

S/N Donut Menu Calories Quantity (g) Description
1. Boston Cream


220  81 This is the best donut at Tim Hortons, it is like a combo of few donuts in one, it is plain but fluffy with extra yeast, filled with cream toppled with chocolate frosting.

It is flavored with both chocolate and vanilla flavors which makes it captivating and mouthwatering.

2. Sour Cream Glazed Donut 270  58 It is a classic cake-like donut that has a contrasting sweet and sour cream taste. 

It has similar features like that of old-fashioned glazed donut but with additional flavors.

But the high fat content and thickness of the sour cream makes the texture of cake much denser and smother than the standard donuts. Though the glazed sugar adds the appropriate additional sweetness to the donut which makes it better.

3. Honey Cruller


310  81 It has a perfect combination of crispness, softness and yummy taste. Apart from that, it also has eggy texture, nice taste and chewy nature which makes it excellent.

It has a plain flavor but with a similar taste to cream puff. The exterior is garnished with non-sticky honey glaze which makes it look nice, some people describe it as having custardy inner texture. In fact, it is one of the yummiest donut at Tim Hortons.

4. Canadian Maple


210  81 It is a donut that is filled with plain yeast garnished with yummy vanilla custard filling and wrapped with mouthwatering maple-flavored frosting. Though donuts are not the healthiest food item but do to relatively low calorie content of this Canadian maple donut, it is good for human consumption.

It is a very nice donut because it has a smooth maple-flavored icing meshes toppled with the creamy custard inner texture. Because of it’s excellent features, it helps to retain back on some of the sweetness which would invariably preserve a nice balance. It is good and worth giving a trial.

5. Apple Fritter


290  95 Apple fritter donut is perfectly flavored and has moist content. It is good with a pleasing taste, aroma and texture of a funnel cake which has been packed with baked apples and a bit of cinnamon taste.

It has excellent flavors which makes it sweet and enjoyable with a fruity punch.

Apple fritter donut at Tim’s is a perfect example of what apple fritter should be most especially to apple lovers.

6. Double Chocolate


270  70 It is a good donut with similar features like that of chocolate glazed donut but it is coated with chocolate frosting unlike chocolate glazed which is flaky and sugar glazed. It is a perfect choice when you crave for chocolate kind of donuts.

According to tripadvisor, it described double chocolate donut as “crispy on the outside, and nice and soft on the inside”. Its is also big for voracious eater(s).

7. Old Fashioned Plain Donut 210  68 This donut has a perfect good texture but it is very soft when eating it. But if you really want enjoy it you can pair it double double which a remarkable coffee at Tim’s which has additional cream and sugar.

This donut is rich in yeast with fluffy and chewy nature. If you need a donut that is not too sugary with extra flavors, old-fashioned plain donut is your best bet. 

According to Chickadvisor, it claimed that old fashioned plain “never disappoints” and they states that it is the best way to satisfy a sugar craving without being too sweet.

8. Raspberry-Filled


200  74 It is a donut stuffed with yeast that is garnished with jam-like raspberry-flavored fruit filling and fully coated with powdered sugar which gives it outstanding look.

Tim Hortons revealed that raspberry-filled donut is the best bet for holidays though it is available all year round depending on your location.

9. Chocolate Glazed Donut 280  76 As at 2020, chocolate glazed donut was the most popular flavored donut in the United States. Though Tim Hortons has numerous types of chocolate-centric goodies but chocolate glazed is good but is not consistent in it’s flavors. 

But some guest complained that the donut is not readily available at some of the Tim Hortons local outlets. Apart from that, some opined that since this donut has a relatively higher fat contents, they recommend that you should check out other donuts at Tim Hortons outlets before settling for chocolate glazed donut.

10. Honey Dip


190  62 This donut don’t have a perfect taste, it has a similar feature to regular glazed cousin. The Honey dip donut looks good exteriorly but that is deceptive since the need yummy qualities is no where to be found. It quality is below standard when compared with good crispy donuts.
11. Strawberry Dip


270 94 It is a perfect representation of sweet flavor in the cadre of flavored donuts. There are many strawberries dip at Tim Hortons like strawberry shortcake, strawberry muffins, strawberry rhubarb pie, and even strawberry jam etc.

This strawberry dip donut was introduced in 2020 but it can be found in almost all the donuts shops. It has a similar feature like vanilla dip donut which is the source through which it was carved out. Its exterior is coated with round rainbow sprinkles with the inner plain yeast-type of pastry with an artificial-tasting strawberry fondant icing. It is good but some people don’t really like it because of it’s high artificial nutrients.



N/B; The price is not attached to the above table since it varies depending on the location, hence it is recommended that you contact them to know the amount they serve their donuts within your region.

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What Are The 2 New Donuts At Tim Hortons?


The new donuts at Tim Hortons are not only two; instead they have more than two new donuts which include

  • Reese’s Peanut Butter Cheesecake Dream Donut
  • Birthday Cake Confetti Dream Donut 
  • S’mores Dream Donut. They are available now at Tim’s outlets, you can place orders online.

What Are The Classic Donuts At Tim Hortons?


There are many classic donuts at Tim Hortons with different shapes spiced up best aromatic flavors, some of which include;

  • Apple fritter 
  • Chocolate dip 
  • Honey dip
  • Vanilla dip
  • Blueberry fritter
  • Dutchie
  • Maple dip 
  • Chocolate glazed 
  • Double chocolate 
  • Old fashion plain 
  • Old fashion glazed 
  • Sour cream plain etc.

Are There Any New Donuts At Tim Hortons?


Yes, there are new donuts at Tim Hortons, the new donuts include S’mores Dream Donut, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cheesecake Dream Donut, and a Birthday Cake Confetti Dream Donut



Donuts at Tim Hortons are highly delicious and contain a high degree of excellence. It is worth giving a trial if you crave for yummy donut delicacies. Thanks for your time.