Tim Hortons Breakfast Sandwiche Prices, Calories & Nutrition

There is a high probability you might have come across Tim Hortons breakfast sandwiches if perhaps you are a kind of person interested in delicious meals, delicacies and regularly purchases fast foods. Do you even know what Tim Horton really is? Perhaps you haven’t heard of this term before, a detailed insight on this topic will be shared in this content below and if you are not certainly new to Tim Hortons you need to stay tuned and get more information on the restaurant’s breakfast sandwich.

Typically, the basic information on Tim Hortons is that it’s a fast food restaurant which is located in Canada, precisely based in Toronto to be specific. We are actually talking about a multinational restaurant franchise that has a series of locations around canada and beyond. 

Tim Hortons is widely accepted by several individuals as they specialize mainly in serving coffees. But at the moment, the fast food restaurant has expanded its services and now engages in offering tasty doughnuts, beverages, hot meals and most especially sandwiches. 

This is definitely going to be the main focus of this content below, you will get to know what Tim Hortons classic breakfast sandwiches are, the prices of these menu items, whether or not it’s served all day or on a daily basis, and much related information that will be of use to you. Stay tuned!

What Is Tim Hortons Classic Breakfast Sandwiches?


In order to break this down into simple words, you need to know that Tim Hortons Classic Breakfast Sandwich is typically an item that is included on the menu list of Tim Hortons restaurants. 

Just like every other menu item, you can simply make orders for them and enjoy, the only slight indistinguishable difference is the fact that it has specific times for being served, which is simply during breakfast hours and most times beyond. As simple as that. 

The constituents of Tim Hortons Breakfast Sandwich includes the following, meat or sliced cheese, habanero sauce in a plain bagel, vegetables whereby these items are placed on or between slices of bread. 

Generally, this is similar to the contents of most restaurant franchises. What makes Tim Hortons stand out is the valuable services and uniqueness of the food products the fast food restaurant offers.

In addition to this, you can decide to select the sausage of your choice, seasoned egg omelet likewise several pieces of crisp bacon. Apart from the costs of a variety of pastries, donuts, beverages and cookies that are offered by tim hortons, you will definitely be glad to know the price of tim hortons breakfast sandwiches in the following segments of the article below.

What Is The Price Of The Tim Hortons Breakfast Sandwiches?


Without excessively emphasizing on this, the prices of some Tim Hortons breakfast sandwiches is relatively high and there is a particular reason for this. 

No doubt, Tim Hortons is not a regular restaurant like all other local ones,  it’s a fast food restaurant, hence the reason for expensive meals and sandwiches. 

Although, this does not necessarily mean a regular customer can’t afford to get one. Meanwhile, here are the custom prices of tim hortons breakfast sandwiches in a tabular form.

Research has it that the price of a regular breakfast sandwich at  Tim Hortons is approximately $5.99

Tim Hortons Breakfast Sandwiches Prices Of Tim Hortons Breakfast Sandwiches
Habanero Sausage Bagel Breakfast Sandwich  $5.99
Italiano Grilled Bagel Sandwich $6.49
California Turkey $6.49
Turkey Bacon Club $6.49
Crispy Chicken $7.99
Angus Steak & Cheese $8.49
Angus Steak and Eggs Breakfast Sandwich $6.49
Turkey Sausage Breakfast Sandwich $8.49
Farmer’s Breakfast Grilled Wrap $4.79
Steak & Cheddar Grilled Wrap $6.29

However, Tim Hortons remains the largest quick-service restaurant chain in Canada as it mainly specializes in hot breakfast sandwich, bread, salad, chicken tenders, Iced Drinks, hot sandwiches + toasted melts, fresh brewed coffee and many more 

What Is The Best Tim Hortons Breakfast Sandwich?


If you have had several varieties of sandwiches at Tim Hortons and you intend to figure out the best items among this breakfast menu, you will get to know about this below. 

First and foremost, determining whether or not a sandwich is healthy for you depends on the amount of calories, fats, carbs, fibers, protein and other minerals. 

  • Angus Steak and Eggs Breakfast Sandwich
  • Turkey Sausage Breakfast Sandwich

These Tim Hortons breakfast sandwiches are considered the best due to reasonable amounts of calories, moderate minerals, low fats and others. Additionally, Tim Hortons typically have healthy sandwiches. 

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Are Tim Hortons Breakfast Sandwiches Served All Day?


At Tim Hortons, breakfast sandwiches are served on a daily basis so long so long you are able to meet up for the breakfast hours. All day long, you can make orders for your meals and get served as soon as possible.

How Many Calories Are In A Tim Hortons Egg And Cheese Breakfast Sandwich?


It is recommended you know the amount of calories that is present in your breakfast sandwiches before eating. Below is a summary of the amount of calories in Tim Hortons breakfast sandwiches. 

  • A Toasted bagel with rashers bacon contains a minimum of 321 kilocalories and 13.48g of fat.
  • Turkey Sausage Breakfast Sandwich has over 320 calories, 20 g protein and 16 g of fats.
  • Meanwhile, Croissant Breakfast Sandwich contains a minimum of 600 calories and 42 g of fats which is considered high and unsuitable for your health.

Video – Tim Horton New Maple Bacon Breakfast Sandwiches


In a bid to put an end to this topic, we discussed Tim Hortons Breakfast Sandwiches, the price of a tim hortons breakfast sandwich, the best tim hortons breakfast sandwiches and some other related queries.

Definitely, Tim Hortons Breakfast Sandwich is among the best items that can be found on the fast food restaurant menu. Thank you.