Dairy Queen Breakfast Menu & Prices 2022

Perhaps you are looking for a fast food breakfast menu to fill you up for just a little cash, a dairy queen breakfast menu should be your utmost priority as it’s one of the services offered by a dairy queen restaurant.

This is a good and highly recommended restaurant to pay a visit to in the United States. The fast food brand is literally located in Illinois in case you want information on this.

The Grill & Chill restaurant is known for their delicacies and popularity across the country as they serve lunch, dinner and breakfast menus. Nevertheless, this article will only be focused on the breakfast menu of Dairy Queen which was just upgraded to in recent years. 

If you probably have a bit of an appetite in the early hours of the day, a menu from any location of a dairy queen’s restaurant will definitely work out. You are however, advised to dive into the article on to discover dairy queen’s breakfast menu and prices. 

What Are The Dairy Queen Breakfast Menus And Prices?


In terms of the Dairy Queen’s breakfast menu, the restaurant offers varieties of breakfast treats and some of these includes ultimate hash browns, burgers, sandwiches, buttermilk pancakes chicken, sausage biscuit twin pak amongst others. 

An overview of the dairy queen breakfast menu and the prices will be highlighted in this section of the content below. Most of the menus won’t necessarily cost a huge amount of money. An array of dessert treats, dairy queen breakfast platters and beverages have been included along with their prices.

Dairy Queen Breakfast Menu And Prices


Menus Prices
Buttermilk Pancakes $4.99
Sausage Biscuit Twin Pak $3.79
Julius Original


Ultimate Hash Browns $4.99
Julius Original


Eggs $1.59
Country Platter $4.99
Solo $2.99
Ham $1.49
Biscuits and Gravy


Pancakes $2.99
Biscuit $1.19
Premium Fruit Smoothie


Premium Fruit Smoothie


Chicken Strip $0.99
Ultimate Breakfast Burrito $3.79
Sausage Gravy $0.49
Sausage Biscuit Twin Pak $4.49
Biscuit Sandwich $3.99

Aside from the highlighted list, the ultimate breakfast burrito combo actually costs $5.29. In addition to this, a customer can get a Dairy Queen biscuit bowl at the restaurant.

Most of what can be found in a Dairy Queen Breakfast Menu literally includes traditional breakfast fares that are served in platters of sandwiches, breakfast sandwiches with bacon and sausage which are served inside a biscuit. 

To round this up, you need to know that the $3 breakfast deal consists of a sausage biscuit breakfast sandwich, chicken and gravy burrito meal which will be sure to suit your taste.

Are All Dairy Queen’s Breakfast Menu Prices The Same?


You need to note that the prices of the dairy queen breakfast menu might vary depending on the franchise. Different locations of the fast food restaurant may have a different dairy queen breakfast menu price.

However, I think you should be comfortable with this because the prices of the menus aren’t that high for you to afford to satisfy your breakfast interest.

What’s In A Dairy Queen Breakfast Bowl?


Inside a dairy queen breakfast biscuits bowl, there are several items such as sausage, mini biscuits, eggs, cheese, gravy, salsa or hash browns which are smothered in grilled onions.

A good feature of this dairy queen breakfast bowl is the fact that most dairy queen’s locations offer this specific item.

Does All Dairy Queens Serve Breakfast Menus?


This might obviously sound unappealing, but not all dairy queen restaurants serve breakfast menus. Meanwhile, there is a high percentage of you locating a DQ restaurant that offers dairy queen breakfast menus if it’s a new restaurant. 

Breakfast menu can be found available at some of the chain’s newer restaurants. It ought to have been easy to know which Dairy Queen’s locations serve breakfast menu but the fast food restaurant does not provide a list of its branches that actually serve breakfast.

In addition to this, there is no store locator page on Dairy Queen’s website,  which is supposed to direct you to the location that has a breakfast menu. 

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Can I Get A Dairy Queen Breakfast Menu To My Residence?


The illinois-based fast food restaurant offers options for you to get your breakfast delivered to you right at your doorstep. Although, you also need to be aware that not all dairy queen breakfast menu locations actually have a delivery program. 

But you might get lucky if a nearby franchise offers this option, because some individual dairy queen locations have decided to provide their customers with breakfast pick ups just at the comfort of their home. 

However, all you will be required to do is to look up these local dairy queen breakfast menu franchises in order to make inquiries whether or not they offer a delivery program. 


As we come to the end of the article, it is good to remember that we actually highlighted some key ideas focused on the dairy queen breakfast menus, the prices of each of the contents of the menu, whether or not you can order a breakfast right from the comfort of your home and other related queries.

Talking about how healthy the dairy queen breakfast menu is, you need to know that fast food might actually not be difficult to afford but not a good idea regarding your diet. We can simply deduce that the breakfast meals are packed with lots of sodiums, in addition to fats and calories. Thank you.

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