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Applebee’s Breakfast Hours 2022 ( Opening & Closing Time )

Getting a quality breakfast that replenishes the body with energy, glucose, and other body nutrients is probably underrated, and during Applebee’s breakfast hours, the Applebee’s restaurant strives to provide their customers with a great breakfast that will provide the body with more energy needed for their daily activities for the day.

And this is loved by their customers as they always look out for when next is the Applebee’s breakfast time. And what might be on Applebee’s menu during the next breakfast hour? So, to make it easier, we made this guide to help provide you with more information regarding the Applebee’s breakfast hours, what food to expect on the menu, and a lot of other information you might care to know.

Does Applebee’s Make Breakfast?


Yes, Applebee’s actually makes breakfast for their customers. You can visit Applebee’s during their breakfast hours, and based on their menu, order a breakfast of your choice.

Services Offered By Applebee’s During Their Breakfast Hours


So as to ensure that their customers have a taste of yummy delicacies or meals for breakfast, the Applebee’s restaurant serves delicious treats to their customers during their breakfast hours. The customer can choose to have some Oriental Grilled Chicken Salad, any salad, or in some cases, choose not to get any salad and go for their burgers or drinks.

What Time Does Applebee’s Serve Breakfast?


The Applebee’s breakfast hours are usually between 7 AM, which is early in the morning till noon, or midday. During this time, you can visit the Applebee’s restaurant to get your breakfast. Below is the Applebee’s breakfast time in a daily calendar

1 Monday 7:00 AM 12:00 PM
2 Tuesday 7:00 AM 12:00 PM
3 Wednesday 7:00 AM 12:00 PM
4 Thursday 7:00 AM 12:00 PM
5 Friday 7:00 AM 12:00 PM
6 Saturday 7:00 AM 12:00 PM
7 Sunday 7:00 AM 12:00 PM

What Are The Applebee’s Breakfast Hours On Holidays?


During most holidays, Applebee’s breakfast hours are pretty much the same like every other day.

Applebee's Breakfast Hours

Except during Christmas day where there are variations. Below are the Applebee’s breakfast hours on holidays.

1 New Year’s Day Regular Hours
2 Martin Luther King Day Regular Hours
3 Presidents’ Day    Regular Hours
4 Good Friday Regular Hours
5 Easter    Regular Hours
6 Memorial Day Regular Hours
7 Independence Day    Regular Hours
8 Labor Day Regular Hours
9 Columbus Day Regular Hours
10 Veterans Day Regular Hours
11 Day Before Thanksgiving Regular Hours
12 Black Friday Regular Hours
13 Christmas Eve Closed
14 New Year’s Eve Regular Hours

What Time Does The Applebee’s Breakfast Hour End?


The Applebee’s breakfast hours ends at 12 PM every Monday to Friday, and stays the same throughout the weekend.

Applebee’s Restaurant Near Me


There are thousands of Applebee’s Restaurants that span across the United States. And each of these Applebee’s restaurants serve breakfast to their customers. This includes every Applebee’s restaurant that is near your area.

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