Candlewood Suites Breakfast Hours ( Opening & Closing Time )

Candlewood suites is one of such excellent restaurants out there that you can look out for, if you really want to have a bite of sweet breakfast mealsHowever, to enjoy the best breakfast meals at Candlewood Suites, you need to check-in at their outlets during the epic of their services.

And to do that,  you may need to know their breakfast hours so as to drive-in at the right time. In the recent past, our readers have been asking questions like Does Candlewood Suites serve breakfast all day? What time does Candlewood Suites open for breakfast? If you are among the people that ask this question, the answer is not far fetched, because we are going to be doing justice to that in a short while. Keep scrolling through the article.

Meanwhile, in the United States, most fast food restaurants’ operational hours are time-framed while few operates on the 24-hours basis, but if you don’t know the category that Candlewood Suites belongs, don’t worry because you will get to know that soon because this article on Candlewood Suites Breakfast Hours will definitely keep you informed.

Candlewood Suites Breakfast Hours


Candlewood Suites is among the few American Hotel Suite that serve breakfast all day. What this means is that anytime that you check-in at Candlewood Suites for breakfast be it in the morning, afternoon or evening that you will be served.

Having said that, the 24-hour operational hours of Candlewood Suites may not be consistent in all their outlets due to geographical differences. But in all, most of their branches operate all day. However, to be on a safer side, it is best to contact their local outlets within your region to know their operational hours  within your locality. 

Candlewood Suites Breakfast Hours

According to the norms, Candlewood Suites Breakfast Hours are from 12:00 am to 11:59 pm daily. Interestingly, Candlewood follows the same operational hours for both weekdays and weekends. Literally speaking, they are open for services 24/7, but not in all their branches.

Candlewood Suites breakfast hours is summarized below:

S/N Day Operational Hours
1. Monday All day
2. Tuesday All day
3. Wednesday All day
4. Thursday All day
5. Friday All day
6. Saturday All day
7. Sunday All day

What Time Does Candlewood Suites Start Serving Breakfast


Candlewood Suites starts serving breakfast from 12:00 am (midnight), their breakfast meals are always ready for pickup at any hour of the day and they are open for services 24/7.

Does Candlewood Suites Ever Stop Serving Breakfast


No, Candlewood Suites breakfast hours are not time-framed, hence they serve breakfast all day from Monday to Sunday. Not only that, they follow the same operational pattern for both weekdays and weekends. You can visit them today and you will be happy that you did.

Candlewood Suites Hours Of Operation


As I have stated earlier, Candlewood Suites operating hours for both normal working days and weekends is 24 hours. What this means is that you can order your breakfast, lunch and dinner at any time of the day.

But due to geographical differences, this timing may vary slightly but most of their outlets are open for services all day. However, contacting their branches nearest to you beforehand will be an added advantage.

Candlewood Suites Breakfast Hours Saturday


 The breakfast hours at Candlewood Suites on Saturday is from 12:00 am to 11:59 pm. Literally speaking, they serve breakfast all day on Saturday. But this time is not specific as some of their branches don’t operate 24 hours. Hence it is highly recommended to contact them ahead of time to know the exact time they serve breakfast within your region.

Candlewood Suites Breakfast Hours Sunday


On Sunday, Candlewood Suites breakfast hours are from 12:00 am to 11:59 pm daily. This means that on Sundays, they follow the same operational hours like weekdays. They serve their breakfast all day on Sunday and other days of the week.

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Candlewood Suites Near Me


Due to the fact that Candlewood Suites has branches across the globe, locating them isn’t a big deal. Hence if you are planning to check-in to Candlewood Suites to have a bite of their sweet delicacies, it would really make sense to browse for Candlewood Suites Near You.

Once you are able to locate their outlets nearest to you, it will definitely save you from the stress of driving a far distance in search of their branches. Apart from that, it will quicken your delivery should you order Candlewood Suites meals online.

Interestingly, to ease the stress of locating their branches, Candlewood Suites official website has a location finder which will definitely help you when you browse their outlets closest to you.

To browse for the Candlewood Suites Hotel nearest to you, just follow these simple procedures

  • Enter the name of the location in the search bar. You can either fill in the name of the city, state, or Zip code as the case may be
  • After that, “click on search” and if you follow the above steps correctly, it will definitely pull out all the Candlewood Suites branches nearest to you

Better still, with the help of Google maps, you can also find Candlewood Suites closest to you. All you have to do is just to switch on your GPS and put the name of the restaurant in the destination tab which would invariably help you to know the entire map from your comfort zone to your closest Candlewood Suites hotel.



Candlewood Suites is among the few American hotels that offer all day breakfast. Apart from the fact that they offer all day breakfast, their services are non-stop both on weekdays and weekends. In fact they are open for services 24/7.

However, due to geographical differences, this 24/7 Candlewood Suites operational hours may not work in all their outlets, hence, there may be a little variation in some of their branches. Whichever, it is highly recommended that you contact them ahead of time to know their operational hours within your region before checking in.