Bojangles Specials Right Now 2022

The moment you lay your hands on delicious meals at a particular restaurant, then you start to wonder whether or not Bojangles Specials are the right choice or not. In terms of specialities, you get offers at reduced prices in a franchise like Bojangles, which isn’t something you can really find at all restaurant locations. This depicts the uniqueness of Bojangles.

Meanwhile, if you are looking forward to being a part of this benefit and get offers for Bojangles Specials this week, the restaurant monthly food, drink and meal specials, figuring out bojangles’ menu specials and many other related queries.

Note that detailed information on everything you need to know about this fast food restaurant specials, offers and discounts will be highlighted in this article. 

Bojangles is one of those franchises that has typically been around for quite some time now, this clearly paves way for its regular customers due to the trust it built over the years and the fact that bojangles offers a wide variety of specials. 

A Brief Insight On Bojangles


Like all other regular restaurants, Bojangles is a type of fast food restaurant whose chains are located in the regions of the United States. They specialize in providing their customers with regular buttermilk biscuits, cajun-seasoned fried chicken, pieces of tailgate and wing feast, which is regarded as family variety meals.

If you have never been to Bojangles, I can vividly emphasize enough that you are really missing out on a lot of things. And most especially, Bojangles Breakfast specials is among these certain offers along with some great deals and promotions which acts like an attraction to drive in more guests. 

What Are The Bojangles Specials And Deals?


While talking about specials, I’m referring to meals or items on a fast food restaurant menu that are fixed at a reduced price, that are available for customers and VIPs to choose from. This is exactly what Bojangles Specials is all about. Apart from being served to guests at a fixed price, it’s also a specific special offer for everyone.

In addition to the information above, customers ought to know that specials are not items that are permanent on the restaurant menu, you might find them on the menu today and might be totally gone if you visit the restaurant the following day. 

This solely depends on the kind of restaurant though, it could be that some Bojangles specials were offered due to excess meats or meals that were available at that particular time, then a decision might therefore be made to utilize those excess food.

This is the main reason why Bojangles Specials aren’t permanent and might disappear from the menu on a daily basis. Although, most specials are also replaced by different meals on the menu.

Bojangles Specials Prices

Customers can enjoy delicious meals from discounts and promotions with just a few bucks. Here is a list of bojangles specials you can decide to jump on to save a little cash for the coming days.

Bojangles Specials Prices
Chicken Supremes Combo $6.29
Whole Breast Tenderloin Filets $6.29
Cajun Filet Biscuit Sandwich $5.09
Botato Rounds and Coffee $5.09
Biscuit Sandwich  $2.29
Gravy Biscuit Combo $3.69
Seasoned Fries and Tea $5.09
Bo-Berry Biscuit(1 piece) $0.99
Bo-Berry Biscuit (2 pieces) $1.89

Aside from the above illustrated specials which are offered by Bojangles restaurants, you need to know that the restaurant also provides its customers with monthly featured specials. Detailed information on this will be highlighted in other segments of the article below.

Bojangles Breakfast Specials 


At most casual and fast-food restaurants in the United States, Bojangles restaurant franchises is among the list of top companies offering breakfast specials. Another very good idea about this is that the restaurant serves their breakfast biscuits all day, which gives guests the opportunity to order for these specials during the day.

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The following is a list of bojangles breakfast specials this month. Note that the special combo meals are one of the best that are available on Bojangles restaurant menu.

Bojangles Breakfast Specials  


Country Ham – Combo $4.29
Egg & Cheese Biscuit $1.89
Cajun Pintos $1.49
Cole Slaw $1.49
Grilled Chicken Wrap – Combo $6.19
Cinnamon Pecan Twist $0.99
Grilled Chicken $5.19
The Cheddar Bowl $1.59
Steak Biscuit – Combo $4.19
Pulled Pork BBQ Sandwich – Combo $4.99
Cajun Filet Club $4.69
2 Pc. Homestyle Tenders $3.89
Roasted Chicken Bites Combo $5.00
Country Ham & Egg $2.99
Macaroni ‘n Cheese $1.49
Bacon, Egg & Cheese – Combo $4.49
Macaroni ‘n Cheese $1.49
Cajun Pintos $1.49

What Are Bojangles’ Monthly Food & Drink Specials?


Are you even aware that Bojangles offers monthly food and drink specials at all? You might not know about this, it’s definitely okay. Bojangles restaurants pins featured specials on their website on a monthly basis, follow the steps below to know the Bojangles specials for this current month.

  • Locate the restaurant website on the internet, you can do that by just doing a quick search and Bojangles official website’ will appear.
  • Now, the next step is to navigate through the website and look for ‘Specials’. The quickest way to do this is to click on the link below,
  • This will direct you to the page displaying the current monthly specials. Note that the specials change on a monthly basis along with discounts.
  • Meanwhile, the bojangles special for the month of July is COUNTRY HAM BISCUIT with a discounted price at $4.50 for two pieces.



Following detailed information on Bojangles’ Menu Specials, you can literally find any new bojangles restaurant specials, and the latest Deals at any of their franchises in the United States. Thank You.