Arby’s Chicken Tender Review ( Calories & Nutrition )

Are you searching for a befitting restaurant where you can have a taste of your favorite chicken tender, have you tried Arby’s Chicken Tender? If not, you may need to drive-in at Arby’s restaurant to know whether you would like their chicken tender or not.

The chicken tender at Arby’s is yummy and have a high degree of excellence which makes it amazing for human consumption since it contain all the necessary ingredients in the right proportion.

But if you wish to know the varieties of Arby’s Chicken Tender and their nutritional facts, you are in the right place, all you have to do is to keep scrolling through the article because we are going to be doing justice to that in the subsequent sections. Stay tuned!

Arby’s restaurant was founded in 1964 by Forrest Raffel and Leroy Raffel. This means that in the past five decades, Arby’s has been in operation rendering excellent food services which is what they know best.

Arby’s restaurant is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. It has over 3,000 branches globally where they render excellent food services to their esteemed customers.

Arby’s Chicken Tender With Calories


There are varieties of palatable chicken tenders at Arby’s because it comes in different size but each variety has a particular amount of calories that it contains.

In this section, we are going to enumerate different kinds of chicken tenders that are served at Arby’s. For easy comprehension, the table below summarizes the Arby’s chicken tender with their calories attached.

S/N Chicken Tender Item Amount Of Calorie
1. Chicken Tenders 5 Pc. 610
2. Chicken Tenders 2 Pc. 240
3. Chicken Tenders 3 Pc. 360
4. Buffalo Crispy Chicken Sandwich 500
5. Classic Crispy Chicken Sandwich 510
6. Chicken Bacon Swiss Sandwich 610
7. Premium 9PC Chicken Nuggets 470 



Due to the geographical differences and possible substitution to the above chicken tenders at Arby’s, the price is not attached because it is not consistent across all their outlets.

Not only that, some of their branches may substitute the chicken tender meals just to suite their customers dietary needs. Hence, it is highly recommended that you contact Arby’s restaurant within your region to the exact price they peg their chicken tender. Please be guided.

Overview Of Arby’s Chicken Tender


Just as the name implies, the chicken tender at Arby’s is really tender. Apart from the fact that it is tender, it is also juicy inside out with excellent crispy texture. In fact it is a typical example of what Chicken tender should be.

One good thing about Arby’s chicken tender is that they are prepared from healthy and a certified chicken breast, honestly, they are prepared from 100% quality chicken breast. You can pick any of their tenders like Arby’s Premium Chicken Nuggets, Chicken Tenders and Crispy Chicken Sandwiches if you really want to confirm the perfect nature of their chicken tender.

However, after having a taste of your favorite chicken tender from Arby’s, and you still want to top it with sides, Arby’s get your back, since they not only offer chicken tender but they also have assorted delicacies in their menu where you can order any of your favorite bite.

Arby’s Chicken Tender Nutritional Fact


It is important to tract your dietary intake to promote your healthy wellbeing. But this can only be possible if you know the nutritional content of what you consume which would invariably help you to know the exact calorie content.

Meanwhile, if you are on a specific diet like low-carbohydrate diet, low-fat diet etc. It is highly recommended that you know the nutritional content of any food that you consume. However, even if you are not on a specific diet, it is also pertinent to know the exact calorie content of your meal which would invariably help you to guide yourself against nutritional diseases like obesity.

However, since there are various classes of chicken tender at Arby’s, we only analysed the nutritional content of three different chicken tender that can be quantified. The sub-sections below summarizes the  Arby’s chicken tender nutritional facts.

  • Arby’s 5 Piece Chicken Tenders

The five piece of chicken tender at Arby’s contain a total of 610 calories but the total calories from fat is 270. The table below said it all.

S/N Nutrient Amount (g) % Daily Value
1. Total Fat    30 46
2. Cholesterol 100mg 33
3. Trans Fat 0
4. Saturated Fat 4.5 23
5. Sodium 1990mg 83
6. Total Carbohydrates 47 16
7. Dietary Fiber 3 12
8. Sugars 0
9. Protein 39 78
10. Vitamin A
11. Vitamin C
12. Iron
13. Calcium


  • Arby’s 3 Piece Chicken Tenders

The three piece of chicken tender from Arby’s contain a total of 360 calories and 44% of the calories comes from fat. The summary is below:

S/N Nutrient Amount (g) % Daily Value
1. Total Fat    18 28
2. Cholesterol 60mg 20
3. Trans Fat 0
4. Saturated Fat 3 15
5. Sodium 1190mg 50
6. Total Carbohydrates 28 9
7. Dietary Fiber 2 8
8. Sugars 0
9. Protein 23 46
10. Vitamin A
11. Vitamin C
12. Iron
13. Calcium


  • Arby’s 2 Piece Chicken Tenders

The two pics of chicken tender from Arby’s contain a total of 240 calories and 45%(i.e calories from fat is 110)

S/N Nutrient Amount (g) % Daily Value
1. Total Fat    12 18
2. Cholesterol 40mg 13
3. Trans Fat 0
4. Saturated Fat 2 10
5. Sodium 800mg 33
6. Total Carbohydrates 19 6
7. Dietary Fiber 1 4
8. Sugars 0
9. Protein 15 30
10. Vitamin A 0
11. Vitamin C 0
12. Iron 6
13. Calcium 2



All the percentage daily value figure in the three case study above where generated based on a 2,000 calorie diet standard.

Are The Chicken Tenders At Arby’s Good?


Yes, the chicken tender at Arby’s are good.

It is really yummy and contain all the essential ingredients in the right proportion which makes it good for human consumption.

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Does Arby’s make Chicken Tenders?


Yes, Arby’s makes chicken tender.

As a matter of fact, Arby’s not only make chicken tender but also makes chicken sandwiches and lots more. You may wish to have a bite of their crispy chicken sandwiches, chicken tenders or premium chicken nuggets or any of their likes. But in all, they have amazing chicken tender.

How Many Calories Are In 3 Chicken Tenders From Arby’s?


The 3 pieces of chicken tender from Arby’s contain a total of 360 calories. For more details on the nutritional facts Arby’s chicken tender, you can the sections above.

What Sauces Does Arby’s Have For Chicken Tenders?


The chicken tender at Arby’s like crispy breaded chicken tender or prime cut of the chicken breast comes with a choice of excellent dipping sauce like BBQ, Ranch, sweet Honey Mustard and Buffalo dipping sauce.



Arby’s chicken tender is specially designed to quench your thirst for tender and juicy chicken. In the article we x-rayed what chicken tender at Arby’s looks and their nutritional content so as to make your choice even before checking in. For more information on related articles, Kindy visit our page for regular updates. Thanks for your time.